Hydraulic Press

Four-Column Hydraulic Press HBP-500T/DDH

Adopt advanced Taiwan TWOWAY cartridge valve hydraulic circuit with little fault, minor reversing impact and high reliability.

Four-Column Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press HBP-40T – 1600T

Four column structure enjoys outstanding rigidity. Each press is designed through finite element structural analysis and optimization to assure high strength and rigidity.

Four-Column Hydraulic Press (Double action drawing)

The double-acting components of the hydraulic press help create deep drawn metal parts without wrinkles and greatly increase the speed of the metal forming line.

Four-Column Hydraulic Press (for SMC Molding)

The YL32 series of four-column hydraulic press is specially designed for creating sheet molding compounds, also known as sheet molding composites (SMC).

H Frame Hydraulic Press

Highly accurate slide settings involve eight sided brass guide rails that have a full stroke length and allow easy adjustment.

H Frame Hydraulic Press (Deep Drawing)

This H-frame hydraulic press is a deep drawing press that is similar in operation to our four-column hydraulic press but features a more compact design structure.

High Speed C-Type Hydraulic press

The C-frame hydraulic press uses a variable flow piston pump – offers high pressure resistance, high velocity, durability and low noise.

H frame Hydraulic Press (for SMC Molding)

This H-frame hydraulic press is intended for unconventional machining and is specifically designed for composite molding. Sheet molding compounds (SMC\’s) are often used as alternatives to steel due to their economic and flexibility advantages.