Lathe Machine Series

CA Series Gap Bed Lathe

CA series of ordinary horizontal lathe is suitable for turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface and other rotating surface, turning various metric and inch, modulus and pitch thread, and can carry out the work of drilling and pulling oil groove, is a very versatile horizontal lathe, widely used in all kinds of shaft and disc parts of the batch processing.

CNC Lathe- CK Series

This machine is widely used in electrical equipment,Instrument apparatus industry, Cars, Motorcycle parts,Fastener bearing, Photographic equipment, movie mechanical, hardware various clocks and watches,Gas pipe fitting and other high precision machining and manufacturing of complex parts, Is a hardware machinery processing industry the most ideal efficient equipment.

The machine is suitable to process all kinds of small and middle-sized shaft and plate workpiece, and could also turn various threads, circle cone, inside and outside surface of revolved body. This machine is widely used in sanitary, valve electrical appliance, instrument, automobile, motor cycle bearing and so on.

CNC Lathe- CAK Series

This machine can automatically process the inside cylinder surface, cone surface, circular arc surface, end face, such as processing and also can process the single and multiple threads in metric ,inch and other standards.

CAK series CNC lathe machine is an economical, practical type machine tools with good quality.The machine has a very wide use which is suitable or internal and external turning, tapering, circular are, thread, boring, reaming of axle and disk workpiece, It also can achieve non-circular curve machining, you can choose the CNC system and optional accessories according to your requirement.

CNC Lathe- CWK Series

The series products one piece cast iron foot stand of lathe, ensure the machine has strong rigidity. The appearance of the machine tool protection design is according to international popular trend, novel and unique, waterproof, and prevent crumbs, easy for maintenance.