Power Press

JB23-16 / JB23-63 / JB23-80 / JB23-100

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• Suitable for punching, forming, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping process.

• Widely used in electrical appliances, vehicles, tractor, mining machinery, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing and other industrial areas.

• Steel plate welding machine, good rigidity and more stable accuracy.

• Crankshaft longitudinal, compact structure and good appearance.

• Electric adjustment of the height of the mould, digital display control height.

• Rectangular block with a lengthened guide, bronze lining board, high guidance accuracy.

• Combined pneumatic friction clutch brake, joint stable, action sensitivity.

• Collapse type safety device, to ensure the safety of the whole machine.

• Slider is high, there is a lifting type balance cylinder, to achieve the balance of the slider bar.

•The slider can be moved with a small movement, emergency stop motion, more secure operation.

Nominal pressureKN1506308001000
Nominal force strokemm2455
Slider strokemm5080100100
Number of slider stroke/min340505040
Maximum die set heightmm170250300300
Die set height adjustmentmm30506080
Distance from slider center to framemm360250260310
Worktable dimensionmm320×460420×650470×750570×860
Thickness of the worktable panelmm45708090
Size of the handle hole (diameter x depth)mmcp40x50cp50x70cp60x80cp60x80
Vertical columns distancemm240320300420
Main motorModelY90L-4Y1325-4Y1325-4Y132M-4
Maximum tilting angle of bodyo25252020
Overall dimension (L x W x H)mm11008830X18901740X1100X2561765X1265X256019400149002850