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DISHAA does all the Recruitment Process Internally. We do not work with any External Agencies or Individuals. 

Fraud Warning Disclaimer!

We have received reports that an individual named Mr. Rizwan Khan has been contacting people with fake job offers. He claims to represent Overseas Consultancy and often promises lucrative job opportunities in exchange for money. Additionally, he has been making spoofed calls using DISHAA GROUP Dubai’s contact number as the caller ID.

We advise everyone to be cautious and perform due diligence before engaging with any job recruitment agencies or consultants. If you have any doubts or need further assistance, please contact us through our official channels.

Please be aware that certain individuals might approach you by falsely presenting themselves as our employees, affiliates, agents, or representatives. Under this false pretense, they might try to gain access to your personal information or to acquire money or other valuables from you by offering job, or any other business opportunities by claiming that they are contacting you on our behalf. Such fraudulent offers and claims are usually received via email, the internet, text message, phone, etc. These claims and offers are fraudulent and invalid, and you are strongly advised to exercise great caution and disregard such offers and invitations.

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