3-IN-1 Combination of Shear, Brake & Roll Machine

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• Ideal combination machine for sheet metal machining to a length of 305mm and a thickness of 1mm cutting stop

• Roll bending starting with diameter of 39mm

  1. D3-IN-1/305
  2. D3-IN-1/1016
  3. D3-IN-1/1067 X 1.5
  4. DM3-IN-1/1320

D3-IN-1/200 / D3-IN-1/305 / D3-IN-1/610 / D3-IN-1/760 / D3-IN-1/1016 / D3-IN-1/1067 / D3-IN-1/1320

Bed width(mm)200305610760101610671320
Max.shearing thickness(mm)
Max.bending thickness(mm)
Max. bending angle90°90°90°90°90°90°90°
Max. rolling thickness(mm)
Min. rolling dia.(mm)29393939434343
Packing size(cm)54x24x2849x33x4284x41x86100x41x66137x45x72139x54x78168x54x78

D3-IN-1/1067×1.5 / D3-IN-1/1320 x1.5

• Back gauge standard equipment

• With two position handles

• Shearing mild steel or equipment

• Press brake bends box and pan works

• Sectional fingers allow box and pan works

• Slip roll provided with forming grooves

ModelD3-IN-1/1067×1.5D3-IN-1/1320 x1.5
Bed width(mm)10371320
Max.shearing thickness(mm)1.51.5
Max.bending thickness(mm)1.51.5
Max. bending angle90°90°
Max. rolling thickness(mm)1.51.5
Min. rolling dia.(mm)6276
Packing size(cm)150x59x93179x59x93


Max. shearing thickness(mm)3.0
Max. shearing width(mm)1320
Shearing angle2
Number of stroke(per min)30
Back-gauge range(mm)450
Height of worktable(mm)760
Max.bending thickness(mm)2.0
Max.bending width(mm)1320
Max.rolling thickness(mm)3.0
Max.rolling width(mm)1500
Min.rolling dia.(mm)90
Motor power3.0
Packing size(cm)254x145x197