Laser Marking Machine

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DX-30S / DX-60S / DX-100S

Laser power30W60W100W
Laser wavelength10.64um10.64um10.64um
Repeat frequency<20KHz<20KHz20KHz
Marking speed<7000mm/s<7000mm/s<7000mm/s
Minimum font+/-0.4mm+/-0.4mm+/-0.4mm
Repeat positioning accuracy*0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Control systemInteral – cooling or outer water coolingInteral air cooling or outer water coolingInteral air cooling or outer water cooling
Power supplyAC 110V/220V 10%.50HZAC 110V/220V 10%,50HZAC 110V/220V 10%,50HZ
Whole power1500W1500W1500W


Process area1200*1200mm 1600*1000mm
Laser power100W-600W optional
Laser wavelength10640nm
Laser typeRF sealed laser generator imported from US
LensLaser conductive lens full set imported from US i
Cooling systemProfessional industrial forced water-cooling system
Marking speed0-7000mm/s
Laser energy control0-100% software setting
Minimum font1.8mm
Minimum character space0.4mm
Positioning accuracy++0.01mm
Control softwareChanxan dynamic control system
Support formatPhotoshop,coreldraw,autocad.plt,ai,bmp.dxf.shx,ttf
Auxiliary deviceExhaust fan and exhaust pipe
Power supplyAC 110V/220V + 10% 50HZ/60HZ
Working environmentTemperature:1-45°, Humidity:5-95%
Optional configurationHoneycomb table or auto feeding system


Process area100*100mm
Laser power3W/8W/10W optional
Laser wavelength355nm Dishan
Laser type808nm semiconductor pumping source
LensLaser lens imported from US
Cooling typeProfessional industrial thermostat system
Marking speed500 characters/sec Dishaa
Laser energy control0-100% software setting
Minimum font0.1mm
Minimum mark line-width0.01mm
Repeat positioning accuracy0.001mm
Whole power1.5KW
Power supplyAC 110V/220V 10%,50HZ/60HZ
Working environmentTemperature:1-45°C,Humidity:5-95%


Average output power100W (Optional)
Marking line speed<7000mm/s
Marking size1300*2500mm (Can be customized on demands)
Minimum character height0.2mm
Marking repeatability<24 urad
Marking depth0.3mm (Depends on the material)
Minimum line width0.06mm (Depends on the material)
Power supplyAC 220V 50KHz
MotorStepper motor/servo motor (optional)
Positioning accuracy0.05mm
Repeatability+0.01 mm
Displacement speed00~300mm/s